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promotional video - 2017

From September 1 to febrary 28, 2017

US$300 ACOPAZOA and ALPZA members

US$350 for professionals


From march 1 to May 15 , 2017

US$ 350 ACOPAZOA and ALPZA members

US$400 for professionals

Call for papers from September 1 to march 31, 2017.


Information at: [email protected]


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Main Conferences

Robert Young
University of Salford Manchester New directions in zoo animal welfare
David Shepherdson
Oregon Zoo A perspective on Environmental Enrichment: what works, what does not work and ways to move forward
Florencia Presa
Fundación Temaiken One more step in enrichment. Towards the next level...


Thomas Quirke
Reseheath College. R you going to evaluate your observations? Visualising & analysing environmental enrichment data in the R statistical program
Florencia Presa
Fundación Temaiken Tools to develop an environmental enrichment program
Valerie Hare
The Shape of Enrichment Welfare & Enrichment Workshop
Hilda Tresz
Phoenix Zoo The benefits of developing a comprehensive enrichment program for primates, with application to South American Rehabilitation facilities
Néstor Calderón
Environmental enrichment in companion animals

13 Conferencia Internacional de Enriquecimiento Ambiental - 2017

Parque Jaime Duque - Bioparque Wakatá

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